Castle Battles

8/10 – “A hilarious and beautiful RTS game”

Castle Battles is a Real Time Strategy game made by Light Arc Studios in 2016, the game is spread across 4 campaigns and 40 levels. Each of the 4 campaigns follows one of the unique and interesting armies, the “Les Moustachiers”, the “Clearly Evil Empire”, the “Purperilous” and the “Order of Awesome”. 

I first saw the game on steam in early January but I didn’t decide to buy it as I was busy with other games at the time, I'd was offered a steam key for review purposes and I was pleasantly impressed with Castle Battles, unlike the other recent RTS games released on steam, Castle Battles is different from the broken, generic and poorly designed games flooding the market.

The gameplay is fast paced and smooth, while the graphics accompany it beautifully. The simplistic designs benefit the game a lot as the screen isn’t flooded with detail after detail that distracts the player. While hard, the difficulty is fair. Rushing the enemy or thinking you can win by just going full on frontal assault will get you killed. You have to play slowly and carefully if you intend to get anywhere. 

The story while full of jokes about the games industry and games, in general, is something I feel you should experience yourself on a blind playthrough, as discussing it would just take all the surprise and humour away from playing it yourself. I personally enjoyed the Purperilous campaign because of their awesome designs and their name just sounds cool.

With all the great points, there’s one tiny nitpick I have, the difficulty spike about halfway through the first campaign, that carries throughout the whole game could make people just stop playing or lose interest. That problem could’ve been fixed by an option to lower difficulty if you died too many times.

Would I recommend getting this? Yes, I definitely recommend it, while the difficulty could put you off id recommend ignoring that and just give it a go, especially if you're looking for a fun game to just playing a few levels at a time. After writing this up I found out that an early access version of Castle Battles is available on android (I presume IOS as well), so if you want to try it but don’t have a PC or don't want to use steam try looking into the mobile version.