Dinosaur Hunt: Africa Contract



Published by ANPA.US and developed by Racing Bros in 2015, and released exclusively for steam, thank Lucifer for that. Dinosaur Hunt: Africa Contract [which will be called Dino Hunter for the rest of the review] is an fps game in which you shoot dinosaurs. I use the word Dinosaurs extremely loosely. They may look like them but I am certain they're actually just the world’s worst actors in dinosaur costumes.

I’m also using shoot extremely loosely as well, after about the 5 minutes you’ll spend figuring out how to do anything as they give no tutorial and the controls in the menu are hard to make any sense of. You will find the game devolves into, get the missile launcher, fire at the “Dinosaurs” and rinse, repeat. By this point, you will have noticed how terrible the game plays with its 10 frames per second, awful music as well as its complete ignorance of physics. You most definitely would’ve unlocked all 1081 achievements. I repeat 1081 achievements.

This game aka software disguised as a game for Steam card and achievement grinding bots, it is an inexcusable mess of a thing which once could’ve had potential to be a good game but fell from a tree and hit every branch on the way down. I paid 39p for it and I still feel ripped off. I could’ve bought cookies but I chose to review this so you don’t have to risk it.

Let’s be fair and say at least some effort went into it since it has so much DLC and has multiplayer which didn’t work and crashed the game for me. At least the developers are actually trying to make something of this game. With a lot of work, I could see something good rising from its ashes, the game needs to be made from scratch as new project entirely, here’s a start: “The player is stranded on an unknown island; they wake up suddenly surrounded by hungry dinosaurs and have to fight them off with whatever you have around you.”
The music is a compilation of crap, boring, royalty free music that I swear I’ve heard elsewhere.  I mean, at least hire a cheap composer or something. That could help as well, even though in my playthrough, the audio was mangled to death and distorted amongst the presumed dinosaur noises... { After uploading this review I checked the video recorded to find 2 copyright claims on it, 1 from a music company because apparently, it includes copyrighted music which likely wasn't paid for and 2, the presumed creator claiming infringement of coyright} The voice clips used are generic crap which is definitely from other games eg. Duke Nukem.

Now, let’s discuss the 1081 achievements, how on earth do make that many? I definitely saw 5 of the same achievements appear within seconds of each other several times. I can’t even believe that this got past steam greenlight, but considering “The Slaughtering Grounds” I shouldn’t be too surprised.

I seriously recommend avoiding this with a 10-mile pole and finding a better use of money. It gets a 3/10, it is a golden turd with a chance of being better, but no matter how much to shine a golden turd, it shall remain a turd.
Enjoy my recording of this "game" which is awful. It actually plays like this on my pc.