Gurumin 3D

A field trip through bliss filled with childhood nostalgia.

When I first heard of Gurumin 3D I was skeptical as recent 3d platformers haven't been good. Even the 3d Mario games had been missing a unique charm, they all felt the like the same thing over and over again under slightly improved graphics.

From the first level, I could see that Gurumin wasn't going to be the average platformer, the game starts with you rescuing a friendly monster called puku after he was kidnapped and locked in a cell at the end of a dungeon. Dungeons are laid out as corridors rather than large building, ruins etc. while this makes it easier to navigate the dungeons it makes it less interesting to explore as you know roughly where to go and leaving the beaten track will only get you a few coins.

Completing dungeons will unlock lost items for the villagers from whom they were stolen. When you return an item you will unlock new levels and occasionally a boss fight. They will also restore the village a bit, over time the villager's houses are fixed and the village is back to its old self.

There are four main monsters you help gather the belongings of. There’s Poko monster whose obsessed with dancing, Pierre a french monster who loves high-class furniture and his hat, Rocky a large boulder whose the dense one of the group and Chucky who’s the adorable dinosaur. (I really want to pet him)

Not all monsters are your friends' though. Phantoms are a seemingly evil group of monsters who are out to stop you on your travels at all costs.  They appear everywhere in dungeons choosing to either attack or lead you into an area where they’ll swarm you.

The combat in Gurumin is simple but effective, you are armed with a special drill modified for fighting. You start with a few basic attacks and ability reminiscent of the light dash from the sonic games, throughout the game you can buy special abilities to help you, they range from a spin that shoots fire in all directions to an aerial attack against an enemy below you. Unfortunately, the special abilities aren't really needed as you can deal with enemies easily with a few normal attacks.
While the combat and dungeons can aren't as deep and complex as most games they're still refreshing and are the games strong points, they will keep you playing for hours with the ranking system for how many enemies defeated and jars you broke making you want to aim for higher scores. You get medals based on the rank you got. These medals can be traded for rewards like cash and new equipment.

The soundtrack of the game is beautifully crafted and catchy, it helps creates an atmosphere for every level and isn't just there to add sound to the levels, each theme sounds like it was made specifically for the situation it was used in.

If you're looking for a unique action-platforming game or just want to find something interesting for younger players to try that I wholeheartedly recommend this game.  It has hours of gameplay to keep you playing for a fair while with plenty of replay value to keep you coming back to play more. While the story won't hold your interest for too long the lovable, charming characters and gameplay will make your time in the game an amazing experience.