Prisma & The Masquerade Menace

Prisma & The Masquerade Menace recently got fully funded on Kickstarter receiving $21,415 out of a $20,000 request. I managed to get some questions answered about the upcoming game thanks to David from Violet Moon, the interview can be read here).

After I spent about 2 hours with the early access Kickstarter demo, I can competently say the game is really enjoyable when I didn’t accidentally break it. I managed to fall through the world on several occasions, primarily caused when switching ability.

The switching is instant and is used often in simple puzzles that require you to use certain abilities while in midair, the first levels are a nice way of easing you into the game while showing you how it works and what to expect via a little challenging platforming.

Some of the inspirations they had like Super Mario World and The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker can be seen at the graphics have a similar style to Wind Waker but are made more modern so to speak, the influence of Mario is there a tad as I feel it plays similarly.

Levels are played out similar to Super Mario 64 in the way that you get a few at a time to choose and tackle in any order you want, that does actually help as I found the 3rd level much easier than the 2nd and I've always preferred to tackle levels in whatever order I personally like. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get to the boss in the demo it kept crashing for me at the end of level 3.

The music accompanying the levels was actually really relaxing and fitting, I find it to be something I'd listen to while working on things like reviews and discussions. I feel it might be a bit quiet (possibly a technical glitch on my end)

Although the Kickstarter didn’t reach the $80,000 stretch goal for a PsVita port I'd personally love to see a port on there one day as I feel the game would be great as a portable game to play while on the train, in a car or wherever you are.
Id recommends giving it a try if they release a public demo or if you just want to try a cute and charming platformer sometime when it releases.
I wonder what's beneath the castle.
Yet again, We dug too deep...
At least there's a nice view up here.