World Of Final Fantasy

6.5/10 – “World Of Final Minute Development”

Developer: Tose, Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Release: 28/10/2016

Platform: Psvita

Square, You had a great game... But you messed up, a few times.
World of Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s first Pokemon style game set in the Final Fantasy series, they tried something similar with Dragon Quest Monsters, which, is arguably a way better game.

The combat is great and improved on the formula from other games, it has the glaring mistake of making it far too slow. Even at the fastest speed, you have to hold the R trigger just to make it bearable to play. The combat is similar to the older FF games, especially FF3.

Mirages, the name for monsters in the game come in four sizes. S, M, L and XL. This is used for ‘Stacking’ mirages, this combines the stats and abilities of everyone in the stack, making you able to either 3 separate mirages enabling more turns or one large powerful stack that could make the fights go faster and easier.

Using stacks you can create a variety of combinations and experiment with your favourite monsters and their recoloured buddies. Later on, stacks are practically mandatory to defeat bosses and the extra dungeons. These 4 bonus dungeons get you some blander recoloured Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuhs. Clearing the 4th dungeon will unlock ‘XG’ a reference to Xenogears. While it’s strong as a foe, like all boss and rare monsters, it’s terrible in battle.

To make it a Pokemon-esque game, every monster you see can be ‘Impismed’ except for certain bosses and unique monsters. While the first dozen monsters are unique and kinda cool, they soon become boring recoloured monsters and just slightly stronger replacements for your other monsters.


Square Enix after reading this.
I really started to get annoyed with so few monster designs, they have countless monsters from across over 100 games to make everything unique. Similar to monsters you can summon characters from throughout the series, except from 1 preorder exclusive and 2 DLC ones, which,  have disappeared suddenly they’re all mostly iconic characters. Ranging from Warrior Of Light to Tidus.

Any good final fantasy game needs a good story to go with it, the story for this entry is mediocre at best. You play as Lann and Ryenn, two twins who are taken from their disturbingly empty town into the land of Grimoire. This world is an amalgamation of a myriad of final fantasy worlds and a few new regions. These new regions are unoriginal and bland ranging from a castle to an endless road.

The dungeon exploring and overworld travel is actually fun, the dungeons are unique and each has puzzles to solve to get around or require you to get new mirages with skills to help bypass terrain obstacles. Each dungeon has its own secret area which will get you a rare and power mirage to add to your team, the first the game makes you mandatorily go to is Cerberus, an XL rank mirage.

The story takes you across a generic save the world while looking for your parents' scenario, there’s nothing the game doesn't foreshadow, heavily at that. It feels like a letdown, even if it is a spinoff there's no excuse for a bad story. They’ve made an abundance of great spin off games like the crystal chronicles series and FF Explorers. 

Overall the game feels rushed in some areas while really strong in others if a little more time went into it I imagine it could a really great game to possibly rival Pokemon itself, the keep referencing a sequel in the game so let’s hope that the sequel fixes everything wrong with this one. Unlike Pokemon game which I'm more willing to tear apart, I feel this deserves a tad more kindness as it is a first attempt but after remembering its Square Enix, I feel no shame ripping it apart.